creative director/conceptor
  head, mgm grand at foxwoods, symbicort, danbury mint, starkist, time warner, rltv, dolce hotels, etc.
Contracted by agencies like Tracy Locke, G2, Source Marketing, Propeller, The Brand Gallery, and Carrafiello Diehl to work on a variety of projects, usually under tight deadlines and desperate circumstances, and asked to deliver smart, impactful, brand-centric ideas, campaigns, and executions that resonate with both consumers and clients across all media channels.
creative director
colangelo synergy marketing
darien, ct
  trojan, arm & hammer, crest, emmi, skoal, mentadent
Responsible for the Church & Dwight portfolio of brands, first call on agency gang bangs and pitches. Spread Trojan’s message of sexual responsibility throughout the 2008 Summer Concert Tour circuit via an entertaining CGI rollercoaster ride projected in an inflatable dome. 1500 visitors at each venue took the time to immerse themselves in the experience. Led the successful 2008 launch of the Crest SpinBrush Swirl by demonstrating Swirl’s magical transformation from the mere manual toothbrush to battery-powered plaque buster.
creative director
hook marketing
newport, ri
  apple and eve juices
Leveraged Apple and Eve’s health food store heritage and maximized their tight budget with a high-profile title sponsorship of the Newport Folk Festival. The sponsorship paid huge PR benefits in year one when Bob Dylan appeared at the Festival for the first time in 37 years.
group creative director
reach marketing
westport, ct
  ocean spray, stanley, timex, guess watches, schick, slim jim
Partnered on-target properties like NASCAR (Slim Jim), Razor scooters (Schick), and Disney (Ocean Spray), exploited existing brand equities like the Ironman Triathlon for Timex’s Ironman watch, and created new proprietary properties that speak to brand essence like the Stanley Project Pros. A Toy Story tie-in produced the most successful promotion in Ocean Spray’s history with over 250,000 unique Buzz and Woody cups delivered.
vp assoc. creative director
publicis bloom
  cit consumer finance, baby fresh, cottonelle
“Hands-on” experience was invaluable as newborn son provided the inspiration for a fresh look at the modern Dad’s side of the baby changing experience for Baby Fresh. In need of a memorable mnemonic device for their 800#, wrote a country jingle for a CIT Consumer Finance commercial. Randy Travis sang it.
vp assoc. creative director
  espn, sony, nabisco
A 24-hour sports network? Who would watch that? Directed the advertising creative as ESPN came of age, turning ten and successfully making the leap from tractor pulls to the NFL, NHL and Major League Baseball. Introduced the Sony Discman to the world.
vp assoc. creative director
ohlmeyer advertising
  espn, nabisco corporate, national hockey league, ny yankees
Don Ohlmeyer, the ex-ABC sports maven and future head of NBC West Coast
production, started an ad agency. Got to shoot Yogi, Scooter and Billy Martin at Yankee Stadium. All Yankee commercial shoots were scheduled on game days for obvious reasons. Began a long-term relationship with ESPN.






mojo! musicworks
advertising, cd design, web, production coordination & promotional materials for musicicians and musical venues


fab faux, rich pagano + the sugarCane cups, steve conte and the crazy truth, cracked ice, bowery presents, the river cat grill, rowayton summer music festival, the dressing room, etc.
Create distinctive and engaging posters, flyers, web and cd cover designs for musicians and musical venues including Bowery Ballroom, Irving Plaza, The Beacon Theater and Radio City Music Hall.

From 2001-2003, negotiated with music venues and coordinated live performances for Fab Faux, an 11-piece Beatle tribute bandfeaturing Will Lee (Letterman) and Jimmy Vivino (Conan). Continue to create flyers, web content and other promotional pieces for the band.

My Fab Faux flyers can also be seen at

personal   Married, two kids. Play guitar and sing in a couple of bands. Run and bike.
Excellent health and high energy.



Jim Daniels, Vice President (Trojan® Condoms Marketing), Church & Dwight
“Bill blends the two requirements of a Creative Director perfectly. On onehand he is confident in challenging a client to push for excellence even if that means moving beyond their comfort zone. Bill also watches the bottom line. Not only for the agency while producing the work, but also how the creative works for the brand. While Bill has an impressive portfolio, his drive is to create in-market success measured by product moved and equity built. It is no small feat to be able to do both.

Bill has a strong work ethic as well as personal ethics. As a manager, Bill enjoys strong support from his creative and account teams who appreciate his ability to not only stand up for their work, but his propensity to roll up his sleeves and work in collaboration with them.

As Creative Director on the Trojan brand, Bill continuously demonstrated passion and energy while maintaining focus and consumer interest in our message and our business objectives. His creativity brought forth a number of fresh new ideas that were applied with measurable success to our digital and events marketing efforts.

Our working relationship was one of respect and dedication and I would highly recommend him for any position for which he is being considered.

On a final note, Bill is an incredibly funny guy. His quick wit and smart humor reflect an intelligence that is reflected in his work and interpersonal relationships.”

Richard Sabean, Senior Creative Director / SVP, BBDO
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill for over twenty years and have had the good fortune to have worked with him for several of those years. Bill is the consummate professional. He has the uncanny ability to face any challenge head on, cut through the bull and address the issues at hand in a unique and highly creative manner. To put it simply, he's a problem solver, and the solutions are always intelligent, conceptual, on strategy and well executed. Bill wields a keen wit and a wry sense of humor and uses it to his advantage, and yours, whether it be a business meeting, a social function or a round of golf."

Kevin Moriarty, VP / Creative Director, Leo Burnett Worldwide
“I have been fortunate enough to partner with Bill at three different New York ad agencies. I know him to be an exceptionally talented creative director who excels in all facets of the business. His ability to create and present simple ideas to communicate complex marketing strategies is a major strength. He possesses the innate ability to communicate with people of all levels on their own level.

Bill has kept his finger on the proverbial pulse of what is going on “out there”, always seeming to be able to utilize current trends and changes in the popular culture long before many of us get wind of them. While his acknowledged forte is art direction, Bill is one of the best writers I’ve ever known. Adept at all kinds of writing, from the short clever headline to the lengthy blog or newsletter. A creative director like Bill, who excels on both the visual and copy levels, is a valuable asset to any agency.

One final point that bears mentioning. Anyone who tells you about Bill Nollman will no doubt mention that he has a terrific sense of humor. His insightful, intelligent form of wit permeates his work--in ways that can be highly persuasive in the selling of a product or an idea.”

Martin Bihl, Creative Director/Owner, 7419
“Bill is that rare combination of creativity, intelligence, and diligence - which means he is able to come up with great ideas on his own, recognize great ideas that others come up with, and understand how to sell great ideas to clients where ever they may have come from. I have always found working with Bill to be enlightening and enjoyable, and I look forward to experiencing his unique ”

Will Lee, bass player, CBS Orchestra (Late Show with David Letterman) and
the Fab Faux

“As the person responsible for Fab Faux’s promotion and advertising over the past eleven years, Bill Nollman has displayed an inexhaustible supply of ideas, energy and passion. His vast experience has helped give Fab Faux a coherent marketing presence and his level of professionalism has surely contributed in a major way to our success and increase in popularity.

His work ethic, attention to detail and people skills have made him a great asset to the band and he would certainly be a valuable contributor to any situation he might be considered for.”

Brian Cohen, Partner, Porterhouse Digital
“I had the pleasure of working with Bill on a very challenging marketing assignment while at Colangelo. Bill rose to the challenge as Creative Director, helping deliver an integrated marketing campaign that achieved stellar results. He's smart, open minded, and extremely creative. He has an advanced knowledge of a variety of creative disciplines, is a pleasure to work with, and has a unique presentation style that is endearing to even the most challenging of audiences. I would recommend Bill to anyone looking to add a strong creative mind to their leadership team."

Matt Kestenbaum, Brand Manager (Crest SpinBrush, Trojan® Brand Condoms), Church & Dwight
“It has been an inspiration and a pleasure working with Bill over the past 3 years. As a creative director he is consistently sensitive to strategic demands and offers executions that resonate with consumers. He is fluent in every medium conceivable --often iterating a single campaign idea for TV, Print, Banner, POS, FSI, and even a 3D immersive projection environment. Bill always brings a sense of fun to the work. I hope for the opportunity to work with him again.”

Chuck Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Lifecare, Inc.
“The last 15 years have presented me with opportunities to work together with Bill on a wide range of advertising and marketing projects. When you look at Bill's track record working on "excitement" brands like Trojan and ESPN you naturally expect dynamic and impactful creative output--and you get it. But I have seen him do category-breaking work on stuff as mundane as in-wall ducting or as complex as a technology product that is actually patented by Albert Einstein (truth!).

This is the unexpected, the extra thoughtful and provocative stuff that I have come to expect as standard from Bill. Bill listens to clients thoroughly and then deciphers relevant messages and approaches to communicate what consumers need to know about products and services he is representing. Then he executes those messages elegantly and with maximum attraction. And his stuff flat out works.

I have gotten consistently outstanding results from Bill's creative be it advertising, sales collateral, direct marketing, etc. I know you will find that Bill will get the unconditional recommendation of anyone who has worked with him, as he does mine. And one more thing, Bill is a funny guy who will make you laugh, and he refreshes and energizes teams despite the challenging work that they may be doing.”

Amy Kraushaar, Founder/President at Levantis Consulting - Brand Strategy and Innovation

“Bill is a great Creative to work with. From a planner perspective, he’s very strategic and provides excellent thoughts, ideas and input to brief development, then plays it out in spades in his creative work. I love Bill’s humor and diplomacy when working with clients. He’s a great partner to help clients understand the rationale behind great work and feel confident about choosing the best option.”